Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1st Official Quilting Post

OOOHHH, I'm so excited. Today I finally get to share with you my quilts. These are my first 3 official ones. Prior to these, I made a simple tied-off quilt out of camouflage for my son and a rag blanket for my daughter. Neither of them turned out very well, and they didn't seem to me to be piecing. I don't plan to share them here.

But these 3 quilts are the real deal! I cut and pieced them, and I am so glad I did. Quilting is quickly turning into an obsession for me. Like everyone else who has discovered this wonderful hobby, there are so many reasons why.

The obvious one: THE SHOPPING! Quilting and fabric stores must be the definition of eye candy. These are not your grandma's quilting fabrics, girls! These are fun, fresh and funky with designs and patterns never dreamed of a few years ago. How cool to buy something so hip and know that whatever you make from it, it's gonna be great?

And the second reason: PRIDE! I know that sounds just awful, but when I see my family wrapped up in one of my quilts, my heart swells up. I am so proud to have made something they can use, and better yet, something that comforts them. It is one of my biggest accomplishments.

And finally: RELAXATION! I was lucky enough to spend all last weekend making a new one, and I was so rested mentally when I was done. I truly enjoy it.

I also need to mention that I have not quilted these myself. That has been done for me by a really talented lady named Bobbi. I'll post more about her later.

So, here come the quilts! Thanks for looking!

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  1. Wow..fabulous.well done !
    The sampler quilt is fantastic for learning different piecing techniques and I love the colours in all of them !
    found you via the flickr quilt block group .
    x PJ x