Thursday, February 11, 2010

I have finally gotten to take pictures and blog about my Turning Twenty Christmas quilt which I made in November and the baby quilt I just finished this week. I am really proud of the baby quilt. It is the first time I ever made one specifically to give away. I am nervous about how it will be received. I hope she likes it. It is for a little girl, so in that way it is not traditional at all. But, I think it is very child friendly. So, maybe it will be okay!
Check out that quilting. I asked my quilter to use a contemporary geometric pattern, and she chose the circles. I think it is totally perfect. Thank you, Bobbi. Can you believe she quilted and put the binding on it for me in one day?
By the way, that beautiful little girl up at the top of the post is my middle child, Anelsie. Isn't she pretty?

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