Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Direction 9.15.2010

Well folks, Butterfly Chirp has been going through some changes. In spite of my love for quilting, which I will continue to pursue, my business is taking on a life of it's own in the cross stitch world. I have been blessed by a new friend whose success in that industry is affording us the opportunity to pursue our own. Butterfly Chirp Quilt and Cross Stitch Co. is now Butterfly Chirp Cross Stitch Co., and we will be selling cross stitch patterns as a wholesaler to the retail industry. You can view our available charts by visiting If you find one you like, please let your local cross stitch store know, and they can order it for you.
As for the quilting, you will still be able to purchase quilts in our Etsy store located at We plan to keep this store updated as often as possible, so hopefully you will always see something you like!
Thank you to all our friends, and we would appreciate your prayers for our venture!

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